Amazon Fire TV Cube Review - Thumbs Up!

I recently purchased a Amazon Fire TV Cube at the pre release price of $80 (regular $119) and I recommend. While I already have an AppleTV and several "smart TVs" the advantage of the Amazon Fire TV Cube is the ability to control TV (cable, satelite) via voice. For example:

"Alexa turn the TV on"
"Alex turn the TV off"
"Alexa change the channel to 201"
"Alexa put the Weather Channel on"

Setup was easy and the Amazon Fire TV Cube discovered both my LG TV and DirectTV cable box. The included IR blaster (the small, glossy rectangular cube) plugs into the back of the Amazon Fire TV Cube and is positioned in front of the cable box so it can send the signals.

In fact, only use the voice control and don't use the Amazon Fire TV as a setup box (I use my AppleTV and smart TV instead)

Voice control is great when I can't find the remote or don't want to use it. In fact, Alexa is so good, I can turn on the TV before even entering the room.