Insignia Voice Smart Speaker with Google Assistant review - Thumbs Up!

I purchased the Insignia Voice Smart Speaker with Google Assistant on sale from BestBuy for $39.99 (regular price $99) and I rate it a "Thumbs Up!"  My reason for purchasing it was to replace the aging Chumby on my nightstand which I use as an alarm clock.

Insignia is BestBuy's house brand and the Voice is comparable to Google Home with one additional trick up it's sleeve - the Insignia includes an LED display for the time and outside temperature. Insignia makes two models - small (the one I have) and a larger model that includes a rechargeable battery that allows it to be portable.

  • Low $39.99 sale price
  • Google Home clone
  • LED time display is perfect for a nightstand

  • Temperature only displays for a few seconds after you ask Google to tell the weather

The Insignia Voice is 4th smart speaker I have purchased for my home:
  1. Alexa Dot  - home office
  2. Google Home Mini - my daughter's bedroom (she loves the coral color)
  3. Apple HomePod - kitchen. Read my thumbs up review
  4. Insignia Voice - bedroom
I don't have a particular favorite smart speaker as they all have different strengths and are used for different purposes.