Apple HomePod review - thumbs up!

I've been using the Apple HomePod for a week now in my kitchen, as a replacement for the Sonos Play: 1, without voice control and I rate it a thumbs up. Here's why:

  • Integration with iTunes, Apple Music and iTunes Match. This is far better than the Sonos app I previously used. I have an 8,000+ song library and an Apple Music family subscription
  • Access to all my playlists and the ability to add songs that are playing to a playlist
  • Support for news, weather and podcasts
  • AirPlay support - great for using the Apple Music app on my iPhone to browse for songs
  • Excellent sound quality and no distortion at the highest volume 
  • Excellent microphone that picks up "Hey Siri" from great distances even in a noisy room.
  • Small size, looks great
  • Perfect for a hands free kitchen environment

  • Expensive at $350
  • Some features coming like multi speaker support (AirPlay2) coming later this year. However, this isn't a deal breaker for me. I'm not sure I need another speaker at this time.
  • While Siri is limited on the HomePod, it has the features I need. Your mileage may differ.