Modiano Poker Index Playing Cards Review - Thumbs Up!

As an amateur poker player, I was looking to upgrade my equipment this year. I've been playing with standard Bicycle paper playing cards and decided to research plastic playing cards from Modiano, Copag and Kem. Based on price and quality of the cards, I purchased two packs, in red and blue, of the Modiano poker index playing cards from Amazon. My video review follows below.

  • Low cost - $7.98 a deck from Amazon
  • Dark printing and suits displayed twice unlike the Kem and Copag
  • Beige/yellow background for non face cards
  • Dual index or "peek" cards exposes less of the cards during play

  • I wasn't able to purchase a two card set in a protective case as they were all out of stock from here, here and here. However, I was able to purchase two individual decks in my choice of colors from Amazon.