Why I'm excited for the upcoming Apple HomePod

The Apple HomePod is delayed until early 2018 and will be more expensive and have fewer features than Amazon Echo, Google Home and Sonos One. I don't care and I will buy one anyway. Our family is a heavy user of Apple Music, we have thousands of uploaded songs (iTunes Match) and dozens of playlists. Current speakers aren't great for our family, here's why:

  • Bluetooth speakers. Portability is great but it's far too difficult to connect/disconnect multiple devices to play music. In addition, most don't have great sound quality. Apple's wireless W1 is great but alas they haven't added the chip to a speaker yet - just Beats headphones and the excellent AirPods which I own
  • Sonos Play:1. This is the solution I use and it works well. Our family installs the Sonos app on our iPhones/iPad and we can control the Apple Music. However, I'd like to have voice control for Apple Music and improved sound quality as well smart assistant/home automation capabilities. 
The new Apple HomePod looks like it will be a good fit for my needs but only time will tell